What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

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If you are considering liposuction to rid yourself of unsightly bulges and fat deposits, you picked the perfect treatment! Liposuction can remove fat from several different areas of your body to create a smooth and pleasing contour.

Sometimes, clothing like body-fitting jeans or shirts can accentuate unwanted fat in the body by creating rolls or bulges. For men and women interested in liposuction to contour their bodies, our practice located in the Anchorage area can help you regain your body confidence.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

When deciding if liposuction is right for you, it’s important to have a thorough discussion and evaluation with your plastic surgeon. The process of liposuction involves removing fat cells from specific areas of the body using a cannula. It is not meant to be an overall weight loss treatment but rather a method to eliminate hard-to-remove fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it is also not an effective treatment for cellulite or saggy skin.

If you are an active person and at a healthy weight, you may be a good candidate for liposuction. You can also combine liposuction with other body contouring surgeries such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or breast lift. Whether you choose liposuction alone or paired with another procedure, you first need to consider that not all areas of the body are suitable for liposuction.

Areas That Work Best for Liposuction

Choosing which areas to get liposuction depends on certain factors, such as your skin’s elasticity and healing ability. Once the underlying fat is removed, the skin needs to shrink to fit your new contours. If your skin has poor elasticity or the fatty area is not easily accessible, it’s better to pursue an alternate treatment. However, liposuction is generally very versatile, treating the following areas with excellent results:

The Abdomen

Both men and women struggle with storing fat in the lower abdominal area, creating a “pooch” effect. Liposuction can successfully eliminate lower belly fat for a slimmer midsection.

Upper Arms

Age and genetics can cause men and women to have flabby upper arms. Liposuction removes those fatty bulges to give the upper arms a more flattering contour.

The Back

Usually, women struggle with fat accumulation in the upper back or “bra fat” area, while men tend to store fat in the lower back or “love handles.” Liposuction easily eliminates this unwanted fat for a strong, smooth, and toned-looking back.

Inner Corners of the Thighs

Exercise can give you strong and toned legs, but the inner thighs tend to store fat deposits. Liposuction reduces this inner thigh fat for both men and women.

Liposuction is no magic bullet, of course, but healthy candidates can achieve satisfying results by eliminating stubborn fat in specific areas. To begin your body contouring journey with liposuction, request a consultation or call us at  (907) 563-2002 to schedule an appointment.

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