If you are interested in plastic surgery at our Anchorage practice serving the Kenai Peninsula and the Mat-Su Valley, including Wasilla and Palmer, review our helpful FAQ.

To talk with one of our plastic surgeons, request a consultation using our online form or call us at (907) 563-2002.

Q. Will insurance cover my office visit and/or surgical costs?

A. Depending on the nature of the procedure, insurance may cover many of the associated costs. Purely cosmetic operations (i.e. breast augmentation, liposuction) are usually not covered procedures whereas reconstructive operations (i.e. post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and breast reduction) are covered by most insurance policies. Following the initial office consultation, we will contact your insurance company for preauthorization prior to your surgery.

Q. Are surgical cost quotes available prior to scheduling an appointment?

A. The office staff is able to quote surgical fees as well as current anesthesia and hospital fees where appropriate. If additional fees will be incurred (i.e. lab or pathology tests, EKG or x-ray), these can also be obtained by calling the office during regular business hours at (907) 563-2002.

Q.Are patient photos available for review prior to surgery?

A. Photos of patients having undergone a similar procedure to the one you are considering may be available depending on the procedure in question. You may see these if available. Please note, however, that the results shown may not represent the results you may experience. Every patient is different, and each patient will respond differently to surgery. In addition, patient contacts may be available depending on the procedure you choose.

Q. Does smoking affect surgery?

A. Cigarette smoke decreases the rate of healing and may have a detrimental effect on your ability to heal and achieve a good aesthetic result. Stop smoking 2 weeks prior to your surgery and your chances of a successful operation are greatly increased.

Q. Should any medication be avoided prior to surgery?

A. Aspirin or aspirin containing products must be avoided at least 1 week prior to surgery. It is a potent blood thinner and may cause bleeding complications. A list of aspirin containing medications is available from the office if you are uncertain if your medicines contain aspirin. Taking your normal medication for blood pressure control, heart medications and many others is usually allowed up until the day of your operation. If you have any questions regarding your medication, please feel free to contact the office.

Q. How can I contact the office if I have additional questions?

A. The office is open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Visit our office page for more information.