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Hyaluronic Acid, a substance found in all living organisms, is an injectable filler used to correct fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.. It is one of the components of skin that gives fullness to the tissues. Hyaluronic Acid is identical to human HA but is formed in the laboratory: it does not come from animals or humans so allergic reactions are rare and test dosing is not needed. Hyaluronic Acid is approved by the FDA and has been used since 1996 worldwide. It is completely reabsorbed by the body and as such, the results of the injection cannot be considered to be permanent. The effects usually last about 6 months. Hyaluronic Acid injections produce results similar to Collagen injections but last about twice as long and have fewer allergic reactions. It works differently than Botox® (which weakens muscle activity) but may be used in conjunction with Botox® to treat stubborn areas.

As with any medical treatment there are associated risks. These include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Injection associated risks of discomfort, redness, swelling, infection, bruising, bleeding at the site, itching, and tenderness may occur. Although these effects usually are gone in a few hours, they may last a couple of days and possibly up to a week. Swelling may be treated by applying ice.
  2. Visible lumps may occur following the injection. Rarely these may form little pustules that require additional treatment.
  3. Uneven settling of Hyaluronic Acid may require additional injections to achieve the desired effect.
  4. Multiple initial injections may be required to fill deeper wrinkles and folds.
  5. Repeat injections will be needed to achieve long term correction due to the complete reabsorption of Hyaluronic Acid.
  6. Depending on the area(s) and volumes of treatment, a local anesthetic may be required to provide comfort during the injection. Allergic reactions to the local medication can occur.
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As with any cosmetic procedure, there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of the treatment. There is no guarantee that wrinkles and folds will be treated effectively with only one injection: multiple injections may be required to achieve the desired result. Even the best results are only temporary and repeat injections may be required as early as every 6 months.

Alternatives to Hyaluronic Acid injection include no treatment, collagen injections or in special cases, reinjection of your own body fat following removal by liposuction.

Costs of treatment complications may not be covered by your medical insurance.

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