BOTOX® Cosmetic

Facial wrinkles and lines develop for various reasons. One of the primary causes is the movement of tiny facial muscles every time we change expressions. Years of squinting, smiling, and frowning lead to crow’s feet and worry lines, along with other wrinkles. BOTOX Cosmetic injections at our Anchorage medical spa relax the muscles responsible for changing expressions, giving women and men from Wasilla, Palmer, and other Mat-Su Valley communities smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Choosing the Best Anchorage Medical Spa for You

Aesthetic nurses, or nurse injectors, administer BOTOX and cosmetic filler injections to their patients; however, there must be oversight by a medical director for consultation or in the event of an emergency.  Medical directors develop policies and procedures in compliance with state regulations and patient safety above all.  Ideally, the medical director should be a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, as they have a background in aesthetic medicine and can properly supervise injectable procedures and treatments. 

Plastic Surgeons of Alaska is the only medical spa in Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, and the Kenai Peninsula with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons on staff.

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What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX is an injectable wrinkle treatment that the FDA first approved for cosmetic use in 2002. It contains a purified form of botulinum toxin A and is among the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatments in the country.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost in Anchorage?

The cost for BOTOX treatments varies with the areas treated and individual patient needs. We will give you a specific price quote during your consultation once we determine whether BOTOX is a good option for you and how many units you will need.

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX is classified as a neuromodulator because it temporarily prevents nerves from making treated facial muscles contract. Once the facial muscle contractions stop, wrinkles in the overlying skin gradually fade away. Experienced injectors use a small amount of BOTOX to avoid creating a “frozen” appearance that doesn’t look natural. It can take several days to see the results of the injections.

I wanted to share how pleased and impressed I was with Cydney. First, she asked questions about the look I was wanting. She shared her professional opinions after listening to my goals. I have had Botox in the past, however the results I got after Cydney injected me were the best I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend Cydney because she has the skills to give you a natural look!!!!

JD, via Google Reviews

Who Is a Good Candidate for BOTOX?

BOTOX is safe and effective when used for appropriate patients. BOTOX injections can:  

  • Smooth crow’s feet, forehead furrows, frown lines, lip lines, and bunny lines
  • Diminish neck bands
  • Improve the appearance of skin dimpling of the chin
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Soften a square jawline
  • Correct a gummy smile

The FDA has also approved BOTOX for certain non-cosmetic treatments, including reducing, if not totally eliminating, the symptoms related to migraine headaches. The effects have been very rewarding for certain patients.

Are There Alternatives to BOTOX?

Yes, there are several other neuromodulators on the market, including DAXXIFY®. Although DAXXIFY works similarly to BOTOX, its results are quicker to appear and longer lasting. Your nurse injector will work with you to select the right neuromodulation to meet your goals.

What’s the Difference Between BOTOX and Fillers?

BOTOX and dermal fillers, such as the JUVÉDERM® product lines, are injectable facial rejuvenation treatments that have important differences.

Good forDynamic wrinklesStatic wrinkles
Volume replacement
How it worksSuspends muscle contractionsFills beneath the skin
Commonly treated
Forehead lines
Frown lines
Crow’s feet
Nasolabial folds
Facial volume loss
Thin or flat lips
Aging hands
See resultsBegin in 3 to 5 days Immediate
Results last3 to 4 months6 months to 2 years

Because these treatments address different concerns, facial rejuvenation can be improved by performing them together for a “liquid facelift.”

What Is Recovery Like After BOTOX Injections?

There is no downtime needed after your appointment, which typically takes less than 30 minutes. Some redness or swelling at the injection sites is normal but typically resolves within hours. It’s important to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas because it might cause the BOTOX to move, resulting in weakness of the muscles that elevate the eyelid, causing a drooping lid. This is rare, is usually temporary, and will resolve in several days.

Inadequate or partial paralysis of the targeted muscles may also occur. In this situation, you may require additional injections to achieve the desired effect. As with any procedure, there are risks associated with BOTOX injections, but BOTOX has a long and impressive track record of safety.


What’s the right age to start getting BOTOX injections?

The right age to start BOTOX is when you think you need it. Most people get their first treatment in their 40s or 50s because they want a simple way to look naturally refreshed. Younger people—in their late 20s and 30s—get BOTOX proactively before dynamic wrinkles become noticeable.

Can BOTOX and other neuromodulators prevent wrinkles?

Yes, small injections of neuromodulators, sometimes called baby BOTOX, can prevent dynamic wrinkles when administered before they form.

Can you get BOTOX under your eyes?

BOTOX can be used off-label to smooth away dynamic lines and wrinkles that extend below the crow’s feet under the eyes.

What’s jelly roll BOTOX?

Another use for BOTOX under the eyes is to correct a bulge, sometimes called a jelly roll, that some people have when they smile. A small amount of BOTOX can be injected into the muscles that cause this bulge, allowing it to smooth out. For natural-looking results and expressions, be sure to choose an experienced injector such as ours.

How many units of BOTOX will I need?

The amount of BOTOX needed depends on the area being treated and individual patient needs.  

Is BOTOX better than microneedling?

The “best” treatment depends on what you are hoping to accomplish. Microneedling rejuvenates the overall surface of the skin by creating tiny injuries that renew skin cell generation and increase collagen production. BOTOX affects lines and creases caused by facial muscle contractions.

How long will my results last?

BOTOX results last about 3 to 4 months.

What does a typical maintenance schedule look like?

To maintain the results, patients should schedule injections every 4 months or so. Sometimes, a small dose of BOTOX is all that is needed.

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